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Trace elements and sulfidic ores require sample preparation using the pressed pellet technique, prior to X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis.


SGS experts can help you determine the best possible sample preparation option for your samples before starting an analytical programme. Following sample preparation, SGS provides expert XRF analysis using the pressed pellet technique.

The advantages of using XRF analysis are its accuracy, precision, rapid analytical time, and its multi-element nature. Throughout our global laboratory network, SGS has the extensive expertise and technology needed to provide you with independent XRF results.

XRF75V Pressed Pellet, XRF

Ba 10ppm – 4000ppm
Nb 2ppm – 4000ppm
Rb 2ppm – 4000ppm
Sr 2ppm – 4000ppm
Y 2ppm – 4000ppm
Zr 3ppm – 4000ppm

Additional elements can be added to pressed pellet analysis, please inquire.

Geochemical sampling and analysis is the basis for many exploration decisions – partner with SGS and have confidence that your choices are based on reliable, global methods and decades of experience.

Pressed pellet analysis in the USA

The service in which you are interested is not currently available in the USA. However, SGS in Canada can provide you with unmatched X-ray fluorescence analysis from our state-of-the-art laboratory in Lakefield. It is equipped with a number of XRF instruments and offers unparalleled whole rock analysis. We provide fast, accurate determinations of major elements and many minor elements using glass disk, borate fusion and pressed pellet methods of sample preparation. Contact us to find out more.