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Guarantee: GMO
Destination: European Union
Commodity: Soybeans

SGS Guarantee Services is now able to cover the risk of rejection or condemnation by the Government of the Country of import, the European Union, or their agencies and departments in the event that a specific (GMO) event is detected within the cargo during the period of coverage.

Quality and quantity can also be guaranteed by SGS, eliminating the risks from customers’ supply chains. SGS becomes the risk taker and therefore eliminating this from the list of concerns of our customers.  We offer optimal tailor-made coverage adapted to your specific situations.

- Delivering what you promised your customers.
- Peace of mind by mitigating your risk.
- Independent confirmation and documentation.
- Verification and due diligence.

GMO Testing from SGS
SGS provides a comprehensive testing service so that different GMO events can be tested based on the country of potential delivery.  10,000 seeds of grain are recommended to be tested as this is the standard that most countries around the world follow. GMO events that are approved in the US, but are NOT approved in other countries are most important for this testing
SGS offers over 40 GMO event specific analyses.

For more information on our Guarantee Services contact;

Alan Shirley - Global Sales Manager USA

For more information on GMO testing; detection of transgenic events by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and detection levels contact;
Kalyn Brix, RGT, RST
Analytical Services Director SGS Brookings
t: 605-695-0287

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