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Certifying the quality of products depends on accurate and reliable testing by industry accepted methods.  Although analysis of a finished lot/batch of product is a necessary requirement, the monitoring of product quality through the production process is also important.  Setting up a new Quality Control (QC) program or re-vamping your current program may seem a daunting task but SGS has resources to support our clients with these projects.

SGS is ISO17025 accredited and utilizes official and validated methods in analysis.
Our labs provide fast turn-around, real-time reporting online along with tools for data management.  SGS offers a broad range of services with customized solutions that deliver competitive advantage by enhancing quality, reducing risk, improving productivity and ensuring compliance.

Case Study:  Implementing a new QC program across 20 production plants

Goal of the monitoring program: Allow each plant that is utilizing CHS marketing services to standardize the testing of their product.  The result is that CHS has the necessary data from all locations to convince buyers and nutritionists that the individual plants produce a highly consistent quality product and maximizes the market potential of their products.

Internal QC testing:  Each producer continues their internal testing done (generally on a daily basis) for incoming raw product, intermediate steps in product processing, and final product.

Weekly 3rd Party QC Testing:  Every week, each producer is asked to submit a weekly composite of product to SGS for agreed upon battery of analysis of key quality parameters.  Results are made available not only to CHS but also directly to the individual producer. 

Quarterly 3rd Party QC Testing: Once per quarter a composite is submitted for additional quality parameters.

Results and Benefits:  By utilizing SGS for analysis across all plants the primary benefits were:

  • Establishing a set testing panel so that all the same key parameters were tracked at all locations
  • Negotiation of the weekly and quarterly packages allowed CHS to track cost for a full year along with negotiating contract price based on yearly volume
  • One lab performing analysis means that data is comparable not only from week to week but across locations
  • All data contained in a single online database with sorting and export capabilities.  The QLab website gives individual locations access to their own data 24/7 along with allowing quick access for CHS to all locations without breaching confidentiality between individual plants

Angela Carlson
Analytical Lab Manager
t: (605) 692-7611, ext. 5


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