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One of the 7 key principles in a HACCP program is verification that the system in place is working. Establishing critical control points (CCPs), as well as regular review of their effectiveness during the verification process is vital. Implementing effective HACCP and quality assurance (QA) programs also reduces the number of corrective actions needed, improving production efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In both your HACCP and quality assurance program, CCPs should be monitored to identify a loss in control. Ideally the routine monitoring procedures should be designed to provide enough feedback to make proactive adjustments before a deviation occurs.

Examples of monitoring procedures include testing input supply quality for mycotoxins, a pathogen load of the product in mid-processing step, or following a pathogen “kill” step. Other important areas often monitored include the pathogen load on processing lines or conveyor belts, housekeeping, and final product quality.

SGS Brookings can support your QA program by providing analytical and microbiological analysis for product safety and quality aspects such as nutritional content (protein, fat, amino acids), standard microbiological indicators and pathogens, as well as contaminants such as mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Our laboratory manager, Angela Carlson, will work with you to establish your operation’s QA program and familiarize you with the tools SGS offers through our secure online information management program, QLab. This program gives all account users real-time access to completed analysis, charting of data to detect trends, and options for export of raw data in multiple formats. With the aid of customer requirements in the SGS Qlab program, the quality control program is implemented, data transferred automatically to the processing site, and the data can be analyzed for the acceptable range.

Angela Carlson
Analytical Lab Manager
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