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Last month we talked about changing the oil in hydraulic equipment, this month we will discuss the testing temperatures of industrial and engine oils. There are two different governing agencies that determine how to test and calibrate oils. Industrial oils are governed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) governs automotive oils (crankcase). The standard for oils used in factory and plant machinery is ISO 3448. In order to meet these standards, the oils must have an ISO viscosity from 10 to 6800. To ensure that all tests are the same, they must be completed at 40 oC. It is important to meet these standards as oils in this kind of machinery must deal with dusty environments, high loads, and varying ambient conditions. The standard for automotive oils in SAE J300. These oils are divided into three groups, winter, high-temperature, and multi-grade. Oils in the winter group are measured by the cold-cranking and pumping ability at temperatures as low as minus 40 oC. High-temperature oils with viscosity grades ranging from 20 to 60 are tested in 100 oC. Multi-grade oils are a combination of winter and high-temperature grade oils. They should provide cold-cranking ability as well as remain stable at high running temperatures. Multi-grade oils are tested at 150 oC. The difference between industrial and automotive oils is an important one. The operating circumstances are very different, which is why there is a difference in the necessary viscosity as well as the testing temperature. Actual operating temperatures of industrial oils are 40 oC, making that suitable for most lubricant classifications. Automotive industry studies have found that 150 oC is the average operating temperature for crankcase oils.
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