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ASTM Technical Committees will hold June meetings Sunday June 25, 2017 to Thursday June 29, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. SGS laboratory professionals from the USA and Canada will participate and attend.

The following ASTM Committees will be attended:

  • ASTM D01 - Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications. 
  • ASTM D02 - Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants.
  • ASTM D16 - Aromatic, Industrial, Specialty and Related Chemicals.
Together, these select ASTM committees have thousands of industry professionals and experts as members. The D02, D16, and D01 ASTM committees collectively have jurisdiction over at least one thousand industry standards used to help standardize quality test methods and measurements. ASTM standards play a crucial role in the standardization of various products. 

SGS members in ASTM include voting members for key sub-committees. SGS conducts a wide range of independent testing for various industries, using ASTM standardized test methodologies.

SGS tests the full range of hydrocarbons for quality and chemical characterization, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, residual fuels, liquid petroleum gases (LPG), natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGL), LNG, petroleum coke, and others.

In addition, SGS tests a growing range of pine chemical products, including tall oil.

For more information please contact:

Erik Holladay

SGS OGC USA Marketing Manager