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The SGS laboratory in Naperville, Illinois now offers diesel fuel quality testing for use in mission-critical back-up stand-by diesel-fuel power generators. Located in the greater Chicago area, the laboratory also offers expert oil condition monitoring services. 
Stored diesel fuel must be able to support mission-critical back-up power generation at power plants, hospitals, airports, and other institutions and businesses. New fuel deliveries may not meet quality standards, and on-site stored fuels can age and degrade over time. Sampling and testing stored diesel fuel helps ensure back-up generator readiness and maintenance.

Diesel fuel tests now provided at SGS Naperville include:
  • Distillation, D86
  • Flash Point, D93
  • Pour Point, D97
  • API Gravity, D287
  • Kinematic Viscosity, D445
  • Ramsbottom Carbon Residue, D524
  • HL-1121 (Appearance) 
  • Cloud Point, D2500
  • Density, D4052, D1298
  • Water and Sediment, D2709, D1796
  • HL-1141 Biodiesel (FAME)
SGS operates a state-of-the-art global fuels testing laboratory network in the USA and globally. The SGS Naperville laboratory also provides legacy Herguth oil condition monitoring, grease testing, and other related expertise.

Learn more about Diesel Fuel testing from SGS:

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