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The Crude Oil Quality Association (COQA) focuses on crude oil refining characteristics and quality, from production to the refinery. SGS provides a wide range of capabilities and expertise in crude oil quality testing and inspection to USA and global clients.

SGS offers a wide range of crude oil testing, inspection, and treatment services to help refiners achieve better yields and reduce crude oil related issues. 

Independent 3rd party laboratory crude oil testing and petroleum assays provide petroleum refiners, producers, traders, distributors and other stakeholders with vital quality data. SGS crude oil assay testing provides you with analytical data that will help you to optimize your refinery engineering process, enhance refinery yields, avoid crude oil blending compatibility risks and reduce crude oil trading risks.

SGS crude oil assay, testing, and other quality services include:

  • Crude Oil Assay Testing
  • Crude Oil Additive treatments
  • Refinery Laboratory Support
  • Upstream testing
  • Metering and Measurement
  • ASTM, ISO testing
  • and additional crude oil services

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