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LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) testing and cargo inspection services and expertise for customers at all stages of the supply chain; from ships, storage tanks, chemical plants, and refineries to pipelines and oilfield customers.

SGS supports Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) operations on a 24/7/365 basis, providing proven testing and field expertise. Our customers gain business confidence with their LPG production, processing, distribution, transportation, and storage operations.

Laboratory testing, inspection experience, loss control expertise, and other value-added services support your crucial cargo custody transfer operations. Our laboratories analyze LPG products to ASTM, ISO, GPA, and other accepted industry standards. Technical oversight is provided by our US Gas Technical Center which specializes in calculation advice, plant start-up operations, contamination, trouble shooting, and oversight of US LPG/LNG Operations.

SGS LPG testing and inspection services are available in numerous laboratories and offices located in major market areas of the USA. Seamless USA and global LPG service through the SGS network is available.

Liquefied Gas Analysis and Sampling:

SGS offers innovative liquefied gas sampling and measurement technologies for crucial cargo custody transfer operations. Operated by trained SGS personnel, these rugged and portable instruments are placed into action where needed, when needed. Both instruments are certified for use in hazardous environments.

The SGS GASPRO™ portable LPG analysis instrument provides real-time quality analysis via state-of-the-art gas chromatography. The instrument can measure light hydrocarbons in remote, tight spaces, and dangerous locations. Compositional analysis is automated, with testing conforming to ASTM D1945 and GPA 2261 methods. Calculations include Ideal and Real BTU/CV, Gas Density, Relative Density, Wobbe Index, and Methane Number. 

The SGS GASMOSA™ liquified gas sampling system for C3 to C6 hydrocarbons replaces older manual methods which require atmospheric venting. The SGS GASMOSA™ not only pulls a representative sample, but also eliminates the need to vent sample gases. The instrument is portable and used for ships, barges, terminals, trucks, and railcars. The sample circulates through the sampling device and through the sample cylinder, allowing flushing and sample obtainment without the need to vent gas.

LPG inspection and testing locations include Houston, New Orleans, Beaumont / Pt. Arthur, Corpus Christi, and other facilities. Our LPG testing capabilities are expanding into additional market regions. Trained personnel work with clients to rapidly and safely ship LPG test samples from client locations to SGS LPG laboratories for testing.

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