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SGS is a world leader in providing ethanol fuel grade testing and inspection services and expertise.

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SGS helps customers test and inspection ethanol used for blending into a wide range of gasoline fuels, including E10, E15 and E85 in the USA. Blended gasoline fuel  quality can be affected by ethanol purity and other factors. Fuel ethanol cargo inspection and laboratory testing services help fuel blenders, distributors, refiners and traders maintain fuel quality standards and mitigate quality control issues.

SGS tests ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels for content and impurities to a full range of industry and regulatory standards, including ASTM, NBR, ISO, AOAC and others. Additional biofuel and ethanol-related tests are also available. Our ethanol testing and inspection services are available in the USA, Brazil and other major fuel ethanol consumption and exporting countries around the world.

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