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SGS will showcase its world class crude oil assay and testing expertise during the Opportunity Crudes Conference in Sugar Land, Texas, October 2018.

SGS Crude Oil quality experts will be exhibiting and attending the 2018 Opportunity Crudes Conference, October 22-24 in Sugar Land, Texas. The theme of the Opportunity Crudes conference is "Crude Disruptors: Accelerating Changes in Global Refining". 

The world's crude oil market faces continuous volatility and uncertainty, the impacts of which can significantly affect refining operations and profitability. Simultaneously, refiners must navigate shifting product demand because of regulatory standards and consumption trends. Opportunity crude oils can bring benefits and challenges to refiners working to take advantage or mitigate these market challenges. SGS offers world-class crude oil testing and deep assay expertise to help refiners understand the unique characteristics of the crude oil they are considering to purchase. Refinery production yields and efficiencies depend upon the types of crude oil feed-stocks used. SGS helps refiners choose opportunity crude oils that best fit their refining models. SGS helps producers and sellers of opportunity crudes better market their product to potential buyers, as in-depth quality data reduces perceived risks to refiners. 

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For more information regarding SGS expertise and activities at the Opportunity Crudes Conference in October 2018, please contact Erik Holladay at:, or call SGS at 281-479-7170 or or 833-308-3934.