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Industrial plant lubricants, greases, and fluids testing from SGS protects valuable manufacturing plant machinery, avoiding avoid expensive disruptions.

SGS provides routine lubricant, grease and hydraulic fluid analysis which provides data and a real understanding of the operational health of plant machinery, providing early warnings of potential issues. SGS used oil, grease and fluid testing identifies ferrous engine-wear particles, lubricant viscosity, water content and other physical and chemical properties.

Easy-to-read, at-a-glance status reports on lubricants and fluids, and the equipment using these products, provides timely status and trending data. Minor mechanical issues are uncovered and identified before they become serious and expensive problems to fix.

For more information regarding SGS lubricant, grease, and fluids testing, please contact Erik Holladay at:, or call SGS at 281-479-7170 or or 833-308-3934.