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Trace analysis and detection of the phenolic compound 4-Cumyl-Phenol by GC/MS in marine bunker fuels and other heavy fuels is now available in the SGS Deer Park Texas laboratory.

The SGS laboratory in Deer Park, Texas (Houston) provides specialized gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing to help detect trace ppm levels of phenolic compounds, such as 4-cumyl-phenol, which can cause severe ship engine damage and expensive repairs. The SGS phenolic compounds detection capability is available to sellers, buyers, and blenders of marine bunker fuel and other heavy fuel oils. 

Unfortunate incidents in 2018 involving the blending and contamination of bunker fuels in the Houston area with phenolic compounds, especially 4-cumyl-phenol, resulted in fouled ship engines and mechanical failures across the world. Before the quality problem was clearly understood, phenolic compound contaminated bunker fuel shipments were moved to markets and eventually delivered to major bunkering ports.

SGS offers a global network of bunker fuel sampling, inspection, and testing services to support marine fuel oil stakeholders. Our integrated laboratory and reporting systems provide professional, rapid, and reliable service. Along with standard ISO 8217 bunker fuel testing, SGS laboratories are equipped with higher-end analytical instrumentation which can engage in deep forensic testing of suspected fuel. 

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