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Emergency and standby generators must work when you need them, failure is not an option. Lubricants, fuels and coolants used in standby generators will degrade over time. If not managed properly this can result in unexpected generator shutdown, operational disruptions and costly repairs. SGS can help.

Emergency Power Back-up

SGS laboratories provide a complete range of testing to measure the condition of the oil, fuel and coolants in your emergency and back-up power generators. Condition monitoring by SGS helps ensure your standby power generation is there when you need it. 

Our laboratory experts measure your standby generator’s health by tracking fluids quality with regular testing and monitoring services for:

  • Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel, Natural Gas (Fuel Gas), Propane
  • Other Large Generator Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Coolants 
  • Greases
  • Wear Debris
  • Additional testing, as needed

Our standby generator test methods conform to ASTM and other industry standards. Emergency generator testing regulations advise that regular and routine analysis of fuels, lubricants and coolants are not only best practice, but a regulatory standard. The NFPA 110 Part 8.3.7 standard for emergency and standby power systems directs that fuel quality testing shall be performed at least annually using appropriate ASTM standards.

Hospitals, are required to implement and follow an emergency power system inspection, testing and maintenance program, as described in the NFPA 110 Health Care Facilities Code and Life Safety Code. Back-up and emergency generators are used by institutions, businesses, large buildings, government facilities and more. Our generator fuel, lubricant, and coolant services help you keep and maintain a reliable back-up power generator system, ready for your use.

For more information on SGS back-up generator reliability services, please contact us at:, or call SGS at 281-479-7170 or 833-308-3934