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Since the turn of the century, the preferred inventory management practice has been “just-in-time” where businesses do not produce items until ordered by customers, meaning their inventory is kept very low or even nonexistent.

Inventory in Warehouse Using Digital Tablet

This strategy brings a host of benefits such as a reduction in waste, improved efficiency, a smoother production flow and lower costs.

However, it can be argued that in the current climate this approach is risky, potentially jeopardizing brand reputation, customer loyalty and profit margins. As businesses try to juggle supply chain interruptions with the added issue of labor shortages, companies that find a solution will be well positioned to overcome the challenges posed in 2022.

The question is, what solutions are out there to increase your stored packaging inventory and micromanage your shipments without adding additional labor?

In this video, our expert Karin Lord discusses a solution which helps businesses to mitigate the risks and adapt to these challenging times in inventory management.

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