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Flashpoint testing from SGS measures the quality, safety, and potential contamination of petroleum, fuels and chemicals.

Oil Refinery

Flashpoint testing indicates the presence of volatile and flammable components in hydrocarbon products and materials. We offer comprehensive flashpoint testing in our petroleum laboratories for a wide range of hydrocarbons – including crude oil, fuels, solvents, other refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and more.

Why choose flashpoint testing from SGS?

Our flashpoint testing services help you:

  • Confirm quality specifications 
  • Check for potential contamination or adulteration of products
  • Determine physical characteristics of samples, including safety and transportation related concerns
  • Measure temperatures at which various volatile materials vaporize (the vaporization test point implies an ignitable mixture is present)

Fast, accurate results from a leading provider of flashpoint testing services

As a world leading provider of testing services, we offer you extensive expertise in flashpoint testing applications and experienced laboratory personnel. Upon receipt of your test samples, we provide prompt testing and reporting.

Our wide range of flashpoint testing, includes:

  • Abel flashpoint
  • Cleveland open cup (COC) flashpoint 
  • Continuously closed cup flashpoint (CCCF)
  • Pensky-Martens flashpoint
  • Rapid equilibrium flash, no-flash methods
  • Tag flashpoint

Our flashpoint test methods include:

  • Pensky-Martens flashpoint (open and closed cup): ASTM D93, ISO 2719, IP34, IP 404 (PMCC), IP 35, BS2000-35 (PM open cup)
  • Tag cup flashpoint: ASTM D56 (closed cup), ASTM D3143 (open cup) and AASHTO T79 (open cup)
  • Cleveland open cup flashpoint: ASTMD92, AASHTO T48 (COC), IP 36 and EN ISO 2592 (COC)
  • Continuously closed cup flashpoint: ASTM D6450 (CCCFP)
  • Abel closed cup flashpoint: IP 170 and EN ISO 13736, (Abel closed cup)
  • Rapid equilibrium flashpoint: ASTM D3828, ASTM D3941, ASTM D3934, (RECC and flash, no-flash), IP523, ISO 3679, IP492, EN ISO 1523 (RECC), IP 524, EN ISO 3680, IP 491 and EN ISO 1516, (RECC, flash, no-flash)

To discuss your flashpoint testing requirements, contact us today.

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