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Supercharge aviation gasoline testing from SGS – ensure the quality of Avgas with ASTM D909 testing.

Aircraft Propeller

Supercharge testing, which is used to determine fuel performance in high-powered aircraft engines, is often needed to ensure the quality of aviation gasoline. Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) test engines, or “knock engines” are used to obtain octane numbers for research, motor and lean ratings. Compressed air is used to supercharge the knock engine. Air pressure and the air/fuel ratio are varied and correlated to known octane reference fuels. We provide industry compliant supercharge Avgas testing, using the ASTM D909 method for testing spark ignition aviation gasolines.

Why choose supercharge aviation gasoline testing from SGS?

We offer aviation fuel testing, using the ASTM D909 supercharge octane performance test method, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Samples are routinely shipped to our US supercharge testing laboratory from all over the world. Our supercharge testing is impartial, confidential and independent.

A world leader in fuel quality testing

We are the world's leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, with extensive experience and expertise in fuel testing. We offer fuel quality testing for aviation gasoline, jet fuel and all other refined petroleum and biofuel products.

The ASTM D909 test method is part of the ASTM D910 Standard Specification for Leaded Aviation Gasolines. We offer the full range of ASTM D910 tests.

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