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Oil and petrochemical analysis from SGS – accurate analysis of oilfield and petrochemical plant samples.

Oil Rig

To ensure your oil and petrochemical operations and processes run as efficiently and smoothly as possible, you need accurate data and precise results. Our oil and petrochemical analysis provides you with specialised chromatography mass spectrometry services to get the results you need in any situation – from exploration and production, through to final refined and formulated products. 

Why choose oil and petrochemical analysis from SGS?

We can help you with:

  • Analysis of oilfield and petrochemical plant samples
  • Analysis of downstream products and deposits – such as hydrocarbon distillates, base oils, fuel and lubricant additives, and process and engine deposits 
  • Analysis of corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors and their partitioning – production chemicals can be quantified in both crude oil and produced fluids assisting in product formulation and selection, as well as performance monitoring
  • Quantification of crude oil components with carbon number profiling and analysis of naphthenic acids and associated scales
  • Environmental analysis – we offer comprehensive environmental surveys of production fields, terminal operations and rig decommissioning sites, analysing produced and discharge waters, cutting piles and oil spills 
  • Atmospheric and nuisance odour monitoring in both production and refining operations

Investigative analysis of oil and petrochemical products from the UK’s leading provider

As a world-leading provider of oil and petrochemical analysis, we provide extensive experience and expertise, dedicated laboratories and a unique global reach. We also offer you a proven track record, working with prominent oil companies, engineering and service companies, environmental and regulatory authorities, and production chemical companies across the globe.

To talk to us about how our oil and petrochemical analysis can help you, contact us today.

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