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Crude oil assay testing from SGS – optimize production and reduce risks.

Refinery at Night

Crude oil assays provide petroleum refiners, producers, traders, distributors and other stakeholders with vital quality data. Our crude oil assay testing provides you with analytical data that will help you to optimize your refinery engineering process, enhance refinery yields, avoid crude oil blending compatibility risks and reduce crude oil trading risks.

Why choose crude oil assay testing from SGS?

We offer a full range of crude oil testing and assay analysis capabilities in our Deer Park petroleum laboratory, tailoring our services to your specific needs. Our experienced crude oil chemists have years of industry experience and knowledge. We operate on a 24/7/365 basis, conducting analysis in a timely manner, with client samples accepted on a global basis.

We offer crude oil characterization of whole crude oils and boiling range fractions.

Our crude oil assay tests include:

  • True boiling point distillation ‐ TBP (D2892)
  • Vacuum potstill distillation (D5236)
  • Atmospheric distillation – petroleum products (D86)
  • Vacuum distillation – petroleum products (D1160)
  • Simulated distillation (D2887, D7169)
  • Specific gravity / API (D5002, D2598, D1298, D70)
  • Sulfur, total (D4294, D2622, D5453)
  • H2S and mercaptan sulfur in liquid (UOP 163)
  • H2S in vapor (D5705)
  • Total acid number (D664, D974)
  • Vapor pressure (D323, D5191, D6377)
  • Gas chromatography analysis:
    • DHA D6730
    • PIONA D5443
    • Light ends D7900
    • High temp SimDis merge D7169 X.1
    • Hydrocarbon D2425
    • Methanol in crude (D7059)
    • Sulfur speciation (D5623, UOP 791)
  • Naphthalene (D1840)
  • Aniline point (D611)
  • Cloud point (D2500, D5771)
  • Flash point (D56, D92, D93)
  • Freeze point (D2386, D5972)
  • Pour point (D97, D5949)
  • Smoke point (D1322)
  • Nitrogen, total (D4629, D5762)
  • Basic nitrogen (UOP 269)
  • Bromine number (D1159)
  • Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen (D5291)
  • SARA analysis (IP 469)
  • Carbon residue (D189, D4530)
  • Ash content (D482)
  • Refractive index (D1747)
  • Viscosity (D445, D7042)
  • Heat of combustion (D240)
  • Asphaltenes (D6560, IP‐143)
  • Metals (D5708, D5863, IP‐501)
  • Chlorides (D4929, UOP 779, UOP 588)
  • Anions (D4327)
  • Penetration (D5)
  • Water and sediment (D4007)
  • Wax content (UOP 46)
  • Additional crude oil assay tests

Expert crude oil assay testing from a trusted provider 

We are the world's leading testing, inspection, verification and certification company, with extensive experience in the commodities and oil and gas sectors. With a network of state-of-the-art testing facilities staffed by experts in their field, we have the resources and expertise to ensure that your products meet relevant industry standards.

Contact us today to learn more about crude oil assay testing.