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Seafood HACCP Alliance training from SGS – ensure safe food handling and sanitation control procedures for fish and fishery products.

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To operate within the seafood industry food chain, organizations must develop and implement an effective Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. Failure to do so risks damaged, inedible and unsafe products leaving your premises and opens the door to enforcement action by industry regulators.

A seafood HACCP plan enables you to:

  • Meet regulatory/customer requirements
  • Create a strong foundation for GFSI approved schemes
  • Demonstrate management commitment to safety
  • Meet customer specifications

This course provides comprehensive steps to develop a seafood HACCP program and practice on how to implement it. Based on the requirements of 21 CFR 123 – Fish and Fishery Products, it forms a sound foundation for the implementation of a risk based food safety system where HACCP is the focus.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the regulation and develop a HACCP System according to your products
  • Learn details of each requirement and what is expected
  • Development and implementation of a Seafood HACCP based on a model provided by the trainer; this is a hands-on training activity
  • Discover through interactive workshops this scheme’s approach to implementing the following:
    • Benefits of HACCP
    • Prerequisite programs
    • Preliminary steps to HACCP
    • HACCP Principles

Who Should Attend?

Food safety managers, quality assurance/quality control/regulatory affairs managers, department supervisors, consultants or anyone who is interested in gaining more insight into the creation and maintenance of sustainable, effective HACCP systems for food safety control.

This course is registered with the Association of Food and Drug Officials under the National Seafood HACCP Alliance guidelines.

Why choose HACCP training from SGS?

Our trainers are certified to deliver this course following the Seafood HACCP Alliance’s protocol.
Seafood HACCP courses are firmly rooted in the protocol developed by the Association of Food and Drug Officials as the entity in charge of the Seafood HACCP Program’s certifications, protocols and records.