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Confirm the strength and durability of components and systems with vibration testing from SGS.

Highway in the dark
Your components and systems must withstand varying degrees of vibration. We provide vibration, mechanical strength, durability and fatigue testing on a wide variety of components, sub-systems and systems.

With the ability to control temperature, humidity and a number of other variables, we can simulate real-world environments. We have extensive electro-dynamic, as well as closed-loop servo-hydraulic capabilities and can fabricate custom fixtures for your testing needs.

Why choose SGS for vibration testing?

We can provide vibration testing for:

  • Exhaust
  • Fuel components
  • HVAC
  • Cooling modules
  • Interior cockpits
  • Electrical
  • Battery
  • Driveline
  • Powertrain
  • Chassis and suspension
  • Seating and seat structures
  • Latches and mechanism
  • Aerospace components
  • Components for off-road vehicles

Comprehensive vibration testing for a wide range of industries

As the world’s leading testing, verification, inspection and certification company, we offer high-frequency vibration services. We are trusted by customers in a wide range of industries including: automotive, off-road, heavy truck, aerospace, power sport, marine and military.

Electro-dynamic shaker systems are utilized extensively to evaluate components over a wide range of acceleration levels and high-frequency ranges. Coupled with slip tables offering three-axis vibration, high force ratings and variable frequencies, we can perform shock, sine, random, sine-on-random, and random-on-random testing and can support custom inputs, as required.

Our setups allow for ample overhead clearance, we are equipped to handle the testing of large and tall items with high overturning movements. Each vibration shaker can be coupled with a hot, cold or humidity-controlled environmental chamber or with a propane burner for hot vibration testing.

To discuss your vibration testing requirements, contact us today.