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Catalyst aging services from SGS – significantly reduce your catalyst aging time and associated costs with our patented C-FOCAS® and natural gas burner technology.

Highway in the dark

To support your automotive catalyst testing program, you need state-of-the-art technology, precise testing and data, and fast results. Our catalyst aging services utilizes our patented C-FOCAS® and natural gas burner technology to help significantly reduce aging costs and over-temperature conditions for OEMs and suppliers. We also provide burner manufacturing, engineering services, and support for your aging program.

Why choose catalyst aging from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Age full-sized automotive catalyst systems rapidly and precisely
  • Simulate the flow of exhaust gas from an engine under a variety of load conditions
  • Gain aging for three-way catalysts, using gasoline, natural gas, and propane fuels with our stoichiometric combustion systems
  • Accurately inject oil or metered poison to simulate engine oil consumption
  • Benefit from independent control of thermal effects and the effects caused by lubrication oil poisoning
  • Age catalysts with or without oil poisoning effects
  • Precisely control catalyst aging temperature with less variation and to higher extremes than can be obtained from an engine-based system for higher reliability
  • Simulate high-engine exhaust temperatures and maximum flow-rates with hot gas burners (temperatures and flows can be cycled to accelerate thermal-cycling)
  • Simulate how an oil leak can alter the aging for a catalyst
  • Correlate our C-FOCUS® burner to pre-existing aging cycles as well as further develop the cycle to higher temperatures in order to reduce the overall time and cost of your aging program

Why SGS?

As a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and verification for the transportation industry, we offer you unrivaled expertise in catalytic aging and our patented C-FOCAS® system.

What is C-FOCAS®?

C-FOCAS® is our computer controlled, gasoline-fueled, burner-based exhaust catalyst aging system. It has been developed to provide accelerated aging to shorten test times and reduce costs through fuel savings. Unlike engine-based aging, where oil consumption is inherent to engine operation and changes with engine wear, the system consumes no oil during fuel-air combustion. Lube oil may be injected into the hot combustion products with a metering and measurement system.

Because of its controlled combustion process, the burner-based system is not susceptible to engine-related failure modes that can cause misfires and uncontrolled catalyst exotherms. The result is fewer failures of expensive prototype catalysts. Unlike an engine, the multi-catalyst burner easily operates at temperatures exceeding 1200°C.

The C-FOCAS® aging system has been correlated to numerous aging specifications including RAT-A, ZDAKW, SBC, four-mode aging, and several proprietary OEM cycles. The result is significant reduction in both overall cycle time and fuel consumption with improved quality.

A wide range of catalytic aging tests

Offering a wide range of catalytic aging tests, SGS can provide:

  • Catalyst useful life aging
  • Catalyst OBD aging
  • OSC characterization
  • High temperature thermal cycling
  • H2O immersion exhaust components
  • Diesel component aging
  • High temperature oven aging
  • Fabrication services
  • Physical durability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Burner-based catalyst performance
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst aging
  • Engine dynamometer testing
  • Developing aged and Damaged OBD threshold parts for calibration purposes
  • Catalytic converter testing and exhaust component testing to all OEM specifications
  • Hot vibration testing on individual heavy duty components
  • Vibration of entire after-treatment assemblies on our slip-tables to support extreme component or system-level testing
  • Programmable gas shutoff capability, which allows for rapid system cooling
  • Burners operated using propane or natural gas
  • Code compliant with NFPA 54/86
  • Testing coupled with IEFI technology to simulate diesel aging and other test environments

To find out how our catalyst aging services and equipment can significantly reduce the cost of your testing program, contact us today.