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Portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) testing services – demonstrate compliance with emission and fuel consumption standards.

Highway in the dark

PEMS testing ensures that your light or heavy-duty vehicle, off-road equipment or machinery stays within appropriate legal limits for emission and fuel consumption. We offer PEMS testing to ensure that you comply with transportation industry standards, including those set forth by the US, the EU and other government entities.

Why choose PEMS testing services from SGS?

We provide a complete range of PEMS testing services, testing everything from vehicles, trucks, boats and aircraft to generators and power plants. We offer:

  • PEMS installation and setup
  • Unit calibration and maintenance
  • Vehicle procurement and certified drivers
  • Drive cycle and route planning
  • Data collection, download and validation
  • Validation of engine or after-treatment control and on board diagnostic (OBD) strategies
  • Validation of compliance against NTE limits
  • Engineering support and evaluation
  • Parts procurement and fabrication
  • Field service and technical support
  • Data analytics support 

Our capabilities include:

  • In-use testing of new as well as older vehicles and machines
  • In-lab testing
  • GPS tracking
  • Advanced data acquisition technology
  • Photo-acoustic real time soot measurement
  • Gravimetric PM sampling capability
  • Compliance with 40 CFR 1065, EU582/2011 and pending EU6c through PN measurement
  • Measurement of THC, NO, NO2, CO, CO2 and O2
  • Operating temperatures from 30°C to +45°C
  • Sensors for ambient temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
  • OBD/CAN interface
  • Exhaust flow measurement
  • Detection of emissions defeat strategies
  • Capture of real world driving cycles for playback in the lab

Our team of industry experts will provide you with a solution that incorporates PEMS technology into your upcoming project, taking your objectives as well as industry trends into account.

In addition to PEMS testing, we offer a wide range of complementary emissions testing services, including:

  • Developmental emissions testing
  • High altitude and extreme environmental conditions testing
  • Evaporative emissions testing
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Data analytics
  • Homologation
  • Engineering services

Emissions Analytics Support

Extracting full value from in-use test data can be difficult due to the complexity of the control system and the massive amount of information that is logged at a high frequency. Interpreting data obtained outside the dynamometer laboratory is particularly challenging, as weather, drive route, road grade, traffic and driver tendencies can all have a significant impact on emissions, and in-use tests are not reproducible. Prototype and production launch vehicles can use our PEMS technology to gain real world information that supports the vehicle development process.

PEMS Data Analysis

We offer data analytics solutions ranging from ad hoc data exploration to big data computing. Our data analytics software and services will help you to uncover hidden relationships between emissions, fuel consumption and control system behavior.

Test data is segregated into different modes of operation to provide statistics-based visualizations for individual tests or entire campaigns. Preconfigured dashboards allow visualization of test data by subsystem and by event, facilitating deeper data exploration. Clustering and association algorithms can be used to explore low temperature operation, emissions implications and engine and catalyst control tradeoffs, as well as to provide causation analysis for malfunctions and anomalies. Machine learning allows you to isolate control system differences in situations where good and poor performance have been observed.

Emissions testing from a trusted industry leader

As a global leader in vehicle testing, we offer unrivaled expertise and experience in providing testing throughout the transportation industry. With decades of experience, our local experts will deliver comprehensive services that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Contact us now to find out how our PEMS and in-use testing services can help you comply with the appropriate international regulations.