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Canister testing from SGS – a wide range of testing services for canisters of all sizes.

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To confirm that your canisters are suitable for a range of specific applications and environments, and to comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, specialized testing is required. We offer comprehensive canister testing for a range of parameters, such as capacity, durability, load, purge temperatures, and more.

Why choose canister testing from SGS?

We can test your canisters for:

  • Durability in a Class I, Division I environment
  • Butane working capacity (BWC)
  • Gasoline working capacity (GWC)
  • Canister loading and purging, using computer controlled testing based on your specifications
  • Canister conditioning, aging and working capacity for a wide range of canister sizes

Comprehensive canister testing from a world-leading provider

As a world-leader in testing, inspection, certification and verification services, we offer you unrivaled expertise in canister testing. Our team can program for various load and purge rates as well as various load and purge temperatures. Data sampling frequency is user defined.

We offer a comprehensive range of canister testing services, including:

  • Canister durability testing
  • Canister loading tests
  • Canister purging tests
  • Canister conditioning tests
  • Canister aging 
  • Carbon canister and evaporative emission control tests
  • Complete carbon canister testing

Contact us today to discuss your canister testing requirements.