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Comprehensive marine compliance testing for fuel tanks and components to help you meet a range of requirements, including ABYC, EAP and CARB.

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To confirm that your vessel is sea-worthy, you need to ensure that your fuel tanks and components meet a range of national and international requirements. We offer comprehensive marine compliance testing for fuel tanks and components to help you meet requirements, such as those set forth by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).

With extensive experience in evaporative emissions testing, our team can assist you with developing new products and materials as well as with meeting new regulations.

ABYC compliance testing

We perform a full range of testing required under ABYC H24, H25, H33 and P22 specifications. H24, H25 and H33 tests consist of all durability and performance testing, including fuel fill quality and fire resistance tests. We can test several fuel tanks simultaneously and, due to our indoor fire test cell, can provide year-round testing in controlled conditions.

We are also able to perform the testing required under ABYC - P22 Steering Wheel specifications, including thermal cycling, UV exposure, impact, and fatigue testing.

EPA and CARB testing

We have mini and micro-SHEDs available to assist with your testing. Our mini SHEDS range all the way to 125 inches in length and can accommodate testing for anything up to and including large marine fuel tanks.

Our micro-SHEDs provide flexibility in design of experiment (DOE) testing and have the capacity to simultaneously generate data from multiple samples of smaller tanks and components.

To discuss your marine compliance testing requirements, contact us today.