Traditional Seed Testing

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Seed health & quality

Ensuring the health and quality of your seeds is central to the success of your business. Accurately assess your seeds, ensure product labels comply with national and international regulations and standards, verify seed health, and make your business more competitive with a complete suite of traditional seed testing options at your disposal.

Our Services

Choose from services including:

  • Canada clearance
  • Canadian seed grading
  • Dodder exam
  • Ferric chloride soak
  • GA3 germination
  • GC oil fatty acid profile
  • ISTA testing
  • Mixture and/or chaffy germ
  • Moisture
  • Oven moisture
  • Protein, oil, & moisture
  • Purity
  • Red rice evaluation
  • Refuge in a bag – sort/count
  • Seed count
  • Seed identification
  • Seed soak test
  • Seed treat & package
  • Seed ID
  • Shakeout testing
  • Soak evaluation
  • Sorghum treatment safety
  • Sound seed exam
  • Soybean split
  • Test weight
  • Tetrazolium viability test
  • Treating standard treatments
  • Uncleaned samples preparation
  • Undesirable grass seed search
  • USA noxious test
  • Varietal purity/peroxidase
  • Visual color sort
  • Weed seed
  • Warm germination
  • Waxy purity

Seed Testing in the USA

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