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SGS helps you through the IS-BAO audit process to confirm that your flight department meets the highest level of aviation safety and professionalism.

Performing IS-BAO audits throughout the globe

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) program focuses on your flight department’s Safety Management System (SMS), helping you establish safe operating principles and create a risk-averse safety culture. IS-BAO is based on ICAO standards that prepare your flight department for both domestic and international operations, so you can ensure crew and passenger safety. As an industry leader in providing aviation safety services, SGS is well qualified to lead you through the IS-BAO audit process.

SGS streamlines and simplifies the audit process – from start to finish

IS-BAO was launched in 2002 by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations. It is a code of recommended best practices designed to help flight departments around the world achieve the highest level of safety and professionalism. With a global presence, the SGS aviation compliance team can perform audits for operators worldwide.

IS-BAO promotes the use of high-quality operating practices for international business aircraft operations by:

  • Establishing a framework for effective safety and operational processes
  • Providing tools to perform gap analyses to facilitate the implementation of best practices
  • Delivering a Safety Management System (SMS) appropriate to your operational profile

SGS can guide you through the requirements and verify that your operation meets or exceeds the IS-BAO guidelines, examining all elements, including:

  • SMS requirements 
  • Organization and personnel guidelines 
  • Standard operating procedures 
  • Training programs
  • Flight operations in international airspace
  • Aircraft equipment requirements
  • Aircraft maintenance requirements 
  • Emergency response plans

SGS auditors are retrained annually to the highest industry standards and are capable of performing quality audits around the globe. IS-BAO audits concentrate on SMS development through a gradual process, to ensure your flight department meets the requirements.

The three-stage audit process includes:

  • Stage one: confirms that your SMS infrastructure is established and that safety management activities are appropriately targeted
  • Stage two: ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed
  • Stage three: verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into your flight department’s business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained

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